September 2 (10:00 - 16:35)

10:00-10:20Conference Opening
10:20-11:20Invited Talk by Prof. Yuji Matsumoto
"Two Issues in Syntactic Parsing --- Coordination and Complex Sentence Patterns ---"
13:00-14:15Oral Session: Information Extraction and Classification (1)
  • Thematic Representation of Short Text Messages with Latent Topics: Application in the Twitter context

    Mohamed Morchid, Richard Dufour and Georges Linares

  • Bursty Topics in Time Series Japanese / Chinese News Streams and their Cross-Lingual Alignment

    Liyi Zheng, Takehito Utsuro and Masaharu Yoshioka

  • Feature-based Extraction using Typed Dependencies on Political Commentaries

    Charibeth Cheng and Jose Ngo

14:35-16:35Poster Session
  • N-grams on Rongorongo and Chants in the Easter Island

    Fumihiko Yamaguchi

  • Conversation summarization using machine learning and scoring method

    Kazutaka Shimada, Shinpei Toyodome and Tsutomu Endo

  • Spoken Dialog Processing for Acquiring Taste and Knowledge

    Arnaud Jordan and Kenji Araki

  • Estimating Word Difficulty through Machine Learning using Web Data and Dictionary Definitions

    Nobuyuki Kobayashi, Kiyoaki Nakanishi, Hiromitsu Shiina and Fumio Kitagawa

  • Clause Classification-based Retrieval of Demand from Local Assemblies Minutes

    Fumitoshi Ashihara, Yasutomo Kimura and Kenji Araki

  • Paraphrasing for Simple Expression of Japanese Subtitles on VOD Lecture

    Pei Qing Zang, Hiromitsu Shiina and Nobuyuki Kobayashi

16:35Small Party

September 3 (10:30 - 16:10)

10:30-11:30Invited Talk by Dr. Yoshinobu Kano
"Kachako for Fully Automated NLP from workflow creation to large scale parallel processing with ready-to-use NLP Toolkit"
13:00-13:50Oral Session: Information Extraction and Classification (2)
  • Context-Based Bilingual Lexicon Extraction via a Pivot Language

    Hyeong-Won Seo, Hong-Seok Kwon and Jae-Hoon Kim

  • Using Heterogeneous Features for Scientific Citation Classification

    Han Xu, Eric Martin and Ashesh Mahidadia

14:10-15:00Oral Session: Language Resources and Corpus-based NLP (1)
  • Design of a Web-scale Japanese Corpus

    Masayuki Asahara and Kikuo Maekawa

  • Investigating Non-Sentential Utterances in a Spoken Chinese Corpus

    Kwong-Cheong Wong and Jonathan Ginzburg

15:20-16:10Oral Session: Morphological Analysis
  • Thesaurus Granularity and its Effects on the Kana/Kanji Transliteration of Japanese Derivative Words

    Natsuki Ichimaru

  • Applying the Stop List and Part of Speech Analysis to Processing the IEPG Search Query

    Denis Kiselev, Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki

September 4 (9:30 - 15:00)

9:30-10:20Oral Session: Machine Translation
  • Pattern-Based English-Japanese Machine Translation with Statistical Method

    Eki Takashi, Murakami Jin'ichi and Tokuhisa Masato

  • It is our fault that a paper by Zezhong Li and Junichi Fukumoto was included in the original program. We deeply apologize to Mr. Li and Prof. Fukumoto for every dishonor this error has caused. (PACLING 2013 organizers)
10:40-11:30Oral Session: Language Resources and Corpus-based NLP (2)
  • The Question Mark in Modern Japanese

    Alexey Zverev

  • Japanese i-adjectives as short and long-word units: implications to language learning

    Irena Srdanovic

13:00-13:50Oral Session: Information Extraction and Classification (3)
  • Improving Automatic Sentence-Level Annotation of Human Values Using Augmented Feature Vectors

    Yasuhiro Takayama, Yoichi Tomiura, Emi Ishita, Zheng Wang, Douglas Oard, Kenneth Fleischmann and An-Shou Cheng

  • Automatic selection of predicates for common sense knowledge expression

    Ai Makabi, Hiroshi Matsumoto and Kazuhide Yamamoto

14:10-15:00Oral Session: Information Extraction and Classification (4)
  • Dependency-Based Method for Extracting Causes of Emotions

    Alena Neviarouskaya and Masaki Aono

  • Extraction of Drug Information Using Clue Words from Japanese Blogs

    Shiho Kitajima, Rafal Rzepka and Kenji Araki

15:00Closing Remarks